RFP #2: Water Budget Monitoring


The Effect of Evapotranspiration on the Groundwater Dome and Past Drought Conditions at Cape Henry, Virginia
Bryce O. Shoup
Old Dominion University, M.S. thesis - May 2019

Estimating Flow Through Rock Weirs
Suraye Rori Solis
Virginia Tech, M.S. thesis - May2019

Evaluation of a Wetland Water Budget Model for Non-tidal Created Wetland Design (poster)
Ethan Sneesby, W. Lee Daniels, Tess Thompson, Zacharias Agioutantis, G. Richard Whittecar, and Sara Klopfl
Presented at Society of Wetland Scientists Conference - May 2019

Evaluation of a Water Budget Model for Created Wetland Design and Comparative Natural Wetland Hydroperiods
Ethan P. Sneesby
Virginia Tech, M.S. thesis - February 2019

Hydrologic Response Caused by Wetland Expansion at Huntley Meadows Park in Hybla Valley, Virginia
Stephen F. Stone
Old Dominion University, M.S. thesis - May 2017

Wetbud – A Free Water Budget Modeling Tool for Created Wetland Design
Stephen Stone, Zach Agioutantis, G. Richard Whittecar, W. Lee Daniels, Tess Thompson, and Kerby Dobbs
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Minerals Industry, Volume 2, 2017, pages 182-188

Use of the Effective Monthly Recharge Model to Assess Long-term Water-level Fluctuations in and around Groundwater-dominated Wetlands 
G. Richard Whittecar, Kerby M. Dobbs, Stephen Stone, John M. McLeod, Tracy L. Thornton, and John C. Smith
Ecological Engineering, Volume 99, February 2017, pages 462-472

Wetbud – A New Water Budget Modeling Program for Created Wetland Design
Lee Daniels
Presented at Society of Wetland Scientists Conference - 2016

Wetbud: A wetland hydrologic design model 
Tess Thompson, Lee Daniels, Rich Whittecar, Zach Agioutantis
Presented at Environmental & Water Resources Institute -2016

2012-2015 Monitoring and Research Summary: Wetlands Restoration at Huntley Meadows Park
W. Lee Daniels, Sara Koropchak, Kathryn Haering, Pat Donovan, Daniel Evans, Tess Thompson, James Jones, Laura Lehmann G. Richard Whittecar, Ben Hiza, Stephen Stone, and Zach Agioutantis
Click here to visit the research website for the Huntley Meadows Restoration Project  

Feedbacks between wetland vegetation and hydrology 
Candice Piercy
ERDC-EL Seminar - April 2010

Evaluating a process-based mitigation wetland water budget model
Matthew A. Gloe, T.M. Thompson, W.C. Hession, W.L. Daniels

Lee Daniels, Rich Whittecar, Tess Thompson, Zach Agioutantis
South Atlantic/Mid-Atlantic SWS Joint Chapter Meeting - March 2011

Evaluating the contribution of groundwater to wetland water budgets, central piedmont, Virginia
Kerby Dobbs
Old Dominion University, M.S. thesis - August 2013

Evaluation of a water budget model for use in wetland design 
Eric Neuhaus
Virginia Tech, M.S. thesis - August 2013

Hydrogeological Analysis of Factors That Influence Pitcher Plant Bog Viability at the Joseph Pines Preserve, Sussex County, Virginia
John M. McLeod
Old Dominion University, M.S. thesis - May 2013

Evaluation of a water budget model for use in wetland design (poster) 
Eric Neuhaus
Presented at American Ecological Engineering Society Annual Conference - June 2013

Building Basic and Advanced Model Scenarios in Wetbud
Kerby Dobbs
Wetbud Workshop - January 2014

Introduction and Overview of Wetbud 
W.L. Daniels
Wetbud Workshop - January 2014

Understanding groundwater components for Wetbud
Rich Whittecar, Kerby Dobbs, Mathew Richardson, Tracy Thompson, Cal Smith
Wetbud Workshop - January 2014

The programming structure and data requirements for Wetbud 
Zach Agioutantis
Wetbud Workshop - January 2014

Using Wetbud: Surface water considerations
T.M. Thompson, W.L. Daniels, Matthew A. Gloe, Karen Hall, Eric Neuhaus, O. Waverly Parks, Candice Piercy
Wetbud Workshop - January 2014