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Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI) is the leading environmental and cultural resources consultant in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our experts work with both the public and private sectors providing innovative solutions that balance environmental protection & land use goals.

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Are you passionate about environmental and cultural resources? Creative and driven? Unafraid to get a little dirty? Good, we are too.

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  • Meet Amy

    Director - Northern Virginia
    Northern VA

    In the Industry
    Years at WSSI

    My deep understanding of our work has come from years in the field. I use that experience to ensure we provide the highest level of service and keep our projects moving forward.

    Fun Fact:I have hiked to the top of the Alps to watch the sunrise, watched the Northern Lights dance across the sky, and paddled hundreds of miles of lakes and rivers.

  • Meet John

    Principal Archeologist/Assistant Manager
    Northern VA/Cultural Resources Department

    In the Industry
    Years at WSSI

    I have spent most of my career helping clients navigate large and complicated urban archeological sites – including the discovery of the oldest structural remains found to date in Alexandria.

    Fun Fact:I love visiting state parks and photographing the birds on my trips.

  • Meet Sarah

    Manager - GIS
    Northern VA/GIS Department

    In the Industry
    Years at WSSI

    The most fulfilling part of my career is being able to apply my passion for geography to helping our clients visualize their project sites and understand the natural and built environment around them.

    Fun Fact:I’m always trying to teach my three dogs to do something new - beyond being incredibly cute.

  • Meet Brian

    Vice President of Operations
    Northern VA/Engineering Department

    In the Industry
    Years at WSSI

    As an engineer I’ve helped solve complex water resource, Clean Water Act, and environmental issues. Now I’m honored to lead our great staff – supporting them as our clients' local experts.

    Fun Fact:If it can be grilled or smoked, I love to cook (and eat) it!