We support the rapidly growing and evolving telecommunications industry with unique solutions to their environmental and cultural resource needs. Our early involvement in determining site constraints during the preliminary suitability/planning/feasibility assessment process is proven to streamline the review process and minimize project costs.

Early identification of site constraints (wetlands, floodplains, Resource Protection Areas, Environmental Quality Corridors, endangered species, architectural/archeological sites) allows for thorough comparison of possible alternative sites, including the ability to expedite the review process for those site locations and avoid major permitting approval obstacles.

Our Services

  • GIS mapping/desktop analysis
  • NEPA compliance assistance
  • Balloon tests and line of site analysis profiles
  • Wetland delineation, survey, and Clean Water Act permitting
  • Floodplain studies
  • Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance studies
  • Endangered and threatened species studies
  • Cultural resource studies including Section 106 coordination
  • Compliance with local tree preservation ordinances
  • Assistance with the local project review process, as well as the FCC, state and local application and approval forms
  • VSMP and SWPPP services

Unique Solutions for Your Site

WSSI engineers have been hired to analyze the stormwater quality and quantity requirements for 25 separate telecommunication sites and to develop solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements. These solutions have included the design of Low Impact Development (LID) technologies (bioretention, permeable pavement, etc.), analysis to support the issuance of water quantity waivers given the small size of the sites, and/or the purchase of nutrient credits to satisfy the water quality requirements.

Arlington County’s MS4 program underwent an audit by the Virginia DEQ. The Ballston wetland was a key inspection stop Tuesday for both the County’s TMDL compliance and floatables requirements. The project received high praise from DEQ for its water quality, habitat and community education benefits. It seems fitting to pass along this high praise to you who have been giving your all to this project for many months now. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this great project.

Christin Jolicoeur, Senior Watershed Planner, Arlington County, Dept. of Environmental Services