We are a trusted partner for our education clients. Including us early in the planning process to identify potential environmental and cultural resource constraints on proposed school sites lets you stay focused on what really matters – creating learning environments that meet the needs of your communities.

We have extensive experience assisting school districts, private schools, and college systems with regulatory approvals and the development process associated with new construction and additions to existing institutions. This includes everything from site selection through the public review/hearing process to the permitting of the project.

Our deep understanding of local requirements, policies, and procedures along with our sensitivity to local issues and community concerns makes us a valuable member of your team.

Giving Back to our Educational Communities

WSSI loves to give back to our communities, especially when it comes to encouraging young minds to pursue careers in science and engineering. Our staff have participated in local STEM education events as well as volunteered their time to speak as guest lecturers for college engineering programs to educate and inspire the next generation of environmental and cultural resource consultants.

Arlington County’s MS4 program underwent an audit by the Virginia DEQ. The Ballston wetland was a key inspection stop Tuesday for both the County’s TMDL compliance and floatables requirements. The project received high praise from DEQ for its water quality, habitat and community education benefits. It seems fitting to pass along this high praise to you who have been giving your all to this project for many months now. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this great project.

Christin Jolicoeur, Senior Watershed Planner, Arlington County, Dept. of Environmental Services