Cultural Resources

Land development and redevelopment processes typically require a review of cultural resources in and around the project area; federal and state regulations, and often local requirements, will trigger a need for research and investigation. WSSI’s in-house archeological and architectural history expertise is invaluable for keeping projects on track when resource-related issues arise.

Seamless In-House Services Support Better Project Outcomes

We have worked on thousands of projects and our archeologists and architectural historians know how to efficiently navigate all levels of regulatory coordination. Our investigations time and again have addressed potential issues up front, thereby expediting agency review on the way to approval. WSSI’s cultural resource specialists work with our permitting, science, survey, and GIS staff to create a seamless and efficient process for our clients.

WSSI’s experience includes high-profile projects with significant cultural resources. We know how to manage sensitive situations and maintain investigations and effective regulatory coordination when public interest is high.

Did You Know?

WSSI acquired Thunderbird Archeological Associates in 2004 with the goal of streamlining land development and permit processes for our clients. The merger formalized an unofficial relationship between the two firms that dated back more than a decade. Thunderbird was founded in 1981 by Dr. Bill Gardner and Dr. Joan Walker from the nucleus of the non-profit Thunderbird Research Corporation.