WSSI Markets Energy


Our energy clients rely on WSSI’s extensive environmental, natural, and cultural resources experience along with our regulatory and permitting expertise to develop innovative sustainable solutions that protect the environmental resources on energy sites – turning a potential liability into an asset.

Energy is Our Focus

Our dedicated Energy Services team understands the unique challenges and opportunities energy companies face in establishing and maintaining infrastructure in the landscape. We employ flexible, scalable, and cost-effective environmental strategies that align your corporate strategy with continually evolving environmental regulations and the emerging standards of environmental social governance and environmental justice.

We pair national capability and best practices with knowledge of local and regional natural resource permitting to deliver proven environmental solutions for a growing world, and to deliver innovative solutions for challenging sites.

We work with clients to create viable solutions for permitting, environmental compliance, compensation for unavoidable impacts, stormwater management, vegetation management, natural and cultural resource studies, and habitat restoration.

Generation and Storage

WSSI works with energy clients throughout the project lifecycle to manage environmental resources across all types of generation and storage sites.

  • Utility Scale Solar
  • Community Scale and Commercial Solar
  • On-shore Wind
  • Solar battery storage
  • Gas well storage
  • Nuclear
  • Coal

ROW Solutions

The flexibility and scalability of our environmental management solutions for Right of Way (ROW) projects make us an ideal partner for energy projects of any size. Our GIS-based solutions give you a birds-eye view of conditions across your entire network of facilities and ROW, and help identify and implement efficiencies for environmental compliance and vegetation management throughout your footprint.

Safety First

Safety takes priority on all of our projects. WSSI, like all of the Davey Tree Expert Company, operates under a comprehensive Safety and Loss Prevention Program designed to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Our objective is to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for staff and project partners – as well as for the public – on all project sites and on the road.