Through our ongoing work with municipalities, state, and federal agencies, WSSI understands that government agencies often have tight schedules and budget constraints coupled with significant public involvement components.

We have 30 years of experience ensuring that public expectations, milestones, and deadlines are met. Year after year, government agencies rely on WSSI’s cost-effective and innovative solutions that benefit the environment and the community.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

For three decades, WSSI has played an integral role in the evolution of federal, state, and local regulations; evolution that has been critical to the environmentally balanced approach to the development of public facilities and infrastructure.

Our solutions help agencies navigate the ever-changing environmental regulations. In addition to providing services to support local, state, and federal agencies in their development projects, WSSI also serves on many technical advisory committees working hand in hand with public works and other government agencies in the review, assessment, and implementation of environmental regulations.

Engaging with Communities

Communities value their natural areas, so changes – even beneficial ones – should be approached with a sensitivity toward community engagement and education. WSSI has navigated this for many high-profile projects and worked successfully with citizens through public outreach and community meetings. In our experience, working with stakeholders from the outset builds trust and supports positive project outcomes.