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WSSI’s Thunderbird Archeology division provides full-service cultural resource consulting with our architectural historians. Federal, state, and local regulations such as Clean Water Act permitting, rezonings, and special use permit applications often require archeological investigations to determine if cultural resources will be affected by development or redevelopment projects. Our clients benefit from our in-house expertise and integrated approach which allows us to streamline the permit and land development approval processes, resulting in time and cost savings. WSSI is pro-active in the consultation process for all cultural resource services so our clients can design and plan their projects confidently.

Our strong and experienced cultural resources team provides a comprehensive menu of regulatory compliance and preservation planning services.

Archeological Investigations

  • Cultural Resources Site Assessment

  • Phase IA (Reconnaissance Level) Investigation

  • Phase I (Identification Level) Investigation

  • Phase II Evaluation

  • Phase III (Data Recovery) Excavations

  • Archeological Construction Monitoring

Cemetery Services

  • Cemetery Delineation and Documentation

  • Cemetery Relocation/Archeological Recovery of Human Remains

  • Cemetery Landscape and Monument Documentation

Aerial view of ship WSSI archeologists discovered on the Hotel Indigo site in Alexandria, VA

Aerial view of ship WSSI archeologists discovered on the Hotel Indigo site in Alexandria, VA


WSSI acquired Thunderbird Archeological Associates (TAA) in 2004 with the goal of streamlining land development and permit processes for our clients.  The merger formalized an unofficial relationship between the two firms that dated back more than a decade. Similar to WSSI, TAA operated with a multi-disciplinary, environmentally-oriented focus. TAA was founded in 1981 by Dr. William M. Gardner and Dr. Joan M. Walker from the nucleus of the non-profit Thunderbird Research Corporation.