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Residential density and proximity to Metrorail analysis

WSSI’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department assembles and analyzes spatial data to support all of WSSI’s science, permitting, archeology, and engineering projects. Our GIS professionals specialize in environmental modeling, site feasibility studies, aerial photograph interpretation, and historic map analysis, and also provide custom mapping products to support our clients’ land development processes.

Color infrared imagery with surveyed and photo-interpreted wetlands

WSSI maintains a library of the latest digital land data for the Mid-Atlantic, and manages an extensive compilation of aerial photographs dating from 1937 to present along with hundreds of scanned maps back to 1624.  Our staff draw on our rich internal GIS library to produce accurate, easy to use maps to support project development at any phase.

Our GIS and mapping services include:

1903 Baist map of Washington, DC

  • Digital imagery and map overlays
  • Aerial photograph interpretation
  • Land cover mapping
  • Aerial and spatial land database maps
  • Desktop wetland reconnaissance
  • Resource Protection Area (RPA) mapping
  • Environmental analyses for rezoning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hydrologic modeling base maps
  • Environmental modeling
  • Watershed delineations and analysis mapping
  • Line of sight and viewshed profile maps
  • Historic deed and plat overlay maps
  • Site suitability analysis and maps
  • Project location and direction maps
  • Current land use and future zoning maps
  • Retail/commercial location analyses
  • Presentation graphics and maps