Regulatory Services

We're involved in legislative and regulatory development with federal, state, and local governments, so we can provide the best guidance for tomorrow's projects today.

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Our regulatory staff procure Clean Water Act permit approvals required to create and maintain the built environment. Our extensive experience preparing complete and accurate permit applications results in fewer agency questions during the review process -- saving our clients both time and money by obtaining permit approvals smoothly and quickly.

We begin by coordinating with all applicable regulatory agencies long before submitting a formal permit application by reviewing proposed site plans with each agency to determine permit feasibility and to uncover potential environmental or cultural resource impacts.  This lets our clients address any potential conflicts before investing additional funds in project development.  Once a permit is issued, we work with our clients to ensure projects stay in compliance with numerous permit conditions and monitoring requirements during construction. 

WSSI's environmental regulation consulting services include:

  • §404 Permitting - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetland and water impact permits

  • §401 Permitting - Wetland and water impact permits from state agencies

  • Impact compensation planning and mitigation

  • NEPA assistance and documentation

  • Local government activities

  • Stormwater permit, audit, and compliance services (click here for more)

WSSI regulatory staff obtain the necessary wetland permits for a variety of project types.

A healthy environment and a healthy economy are integrally related; balanced economic development and resource protection are not mutually exclusive.
— paraphrase of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act