WSSI Technology


StreamNCD™   cross section input deck    

StreamNCD™ cross section input deck


WSSI developed StreamNCD™, a proprietary semi-automated design, modeling, and plan development software program that provides WSSI’s engineers the ability to create more robust site specific designs with higher quality construction plan sets –ultimately providing our clients with a more cost-effective and successful project in the ground.

Wetland Forms

Wetland Forms is a complete wetland delineation datapoint management system WSSI developed to simplify data form preparation. Wetland Forms has automated functions to handle tedious tasks, such as dominant species and prevalence index calculations, and the forms can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format – ready for printing and submittal to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We are currently updating our program and will provide a link to Wetland Forms when we are prepared to re-launch.  


WSSI’s non-profit Wetland Research Initiative (WRI) provides funding in support of Wetbud, a project that aims to improve the water budget methodology for wetland creation and restoration, and by extension increases the likelihood of success for these sites. Wetbud is setting a new standard in wetland modeling by including variables such as vegetation resistance, groundwater inputs, and wetland slopes, thereby developing a model that better mimics in-situ dynamics. More information about this cooperative effort between WSSI, Virginia Tech, and Old Dominion University is available on the WRI page.

Click here to download the software. Access the Wetbud Technical Support forum by clicking here.