The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) is comprised of 23 colleges across 40 campuses throughout the Commonwealth. For two decades, WSSI staff has provided environmental and engineering services to support VCCS Central Office and specific colleges with campus development and maintaining complaint environmental programs. Programmatic support services include Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit program development and compliance through consecutively awarded term contracts for environmental engineering and geotechnical services.

The Challenge

The 40 individual campuses can have a wide range of environmental needs because they occupy different spots in the landscape and are spread across various ecoregions and watersheds. Those located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed face additional environmental requirements. Additional challenges arise as environmental regulations evolve at all levels of government.

Our Solution

WSSI assists VCCS with a statewide perspective and individual site focus, guiding campuses through environmental regulation compliance from hazardous waste to stormwater, including MS4 permits and state stormwater management requirements for construction projects.

MS4 SWM Compliance, Multiple Facilities: WSSI staff supported VCCS’s MS4 program development, developing the six required MCMs, MS4 Program Plans, Annual Reports, audit assistance, mapping stormwater outfalls, creating public outreach educational materials, developing SWM outfall monitoring programs for illicit discharge detection, assessing existing stormwater facilities, evaluating best management practices, developing TMDL Chesapeake Bay and Local Action Plans, assisting with TMDL Action Plan implementation, and training staff on MS4 compliance.

Environmental Program Compliance Training: WSSI staff has provided in-person and virtual training for MS4, SPCC, UST Operation, waste management, and pollution prevention for VCCS facilities statewide.

ESC and SWM Standards and Specifications: When VCCS developed an ESC/SWM Annual Standards and Specifications program, WSSI staff assisted with development of supporting documents including: Plan Preparer’s Checklists, Plan Reviewer Checklists, Construction Site Inspection Forms, and a construction site SWPPP template. WSSI also supported VCCS Capital Outlay staff with program training and lent technical support during DEQ’s review.

ESC and SWM Plan Review: Construction on VCCS campuses has required frequent ESC and SWM plan reviews from WSSI staff, evaluating conformance with the VCCS ESC/SWM Annual Standards and Specifications, laws, and regulations.

ESC and SWM Construction Inspections: WSSI staff has performed ESC and SWM construction inspections to determine compliance with the Construction General Permit (VAR10) and conformance to the VCCS ESC/SWM Annual Standards and Specifications. WSSI also attends pre-construction meetings, problem solves with VCCS and the Contractor, and assists with project closeout.

Nutrient Management Plans: WSSI staff has completed Nutrient Management Plans for nine campuses. The Nutrient Management Plans provide a written site-specific plan for the College to annually manage major plant nutrients for protection of water quality. WSSI also provides updates to these plans.

Stormwater and Landscape Masterplans: WSSI staff has prepared stormwater masterplans in support of several MS4 campuses to evaluate stormwater management opportunities with planned campus development. WSSI has also prepared a comprehensive, sustainability-focused Landscape Master Plan for one campus.

Hazardous Materials and Waste Assessments: WSSI staff has evaluated hazardous material use though staff interviews, site visits, and record review for all hazardous, non-hazardous, and universal waste at six NVCC campuses in support of NVCC’s Hazardous Waste Management Plan development.

Environmental Impact Review and Environmental Assessments: WSSI staff has prepared an Environmental Impact Review for a campus renovation to identify and evaluate the environmental effects of the proposed buildings.

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