This summer Wildlife Habitat Council honored WSSI’s grounds and green roof – a 3,000 square foot beauty with two wetland ponds – with the 2023 Green Infrastructure Award. This award is designated for projects with multiple features that directly provide benefits for community biodiversity; in our case, pollinators of all varieties, birds, and riparian wildlife are some of the highlighted beneficiaries. This places WSSI’s project on the international stage; other top-level WHC 2023 award winners include projects in the Mexican desert, the forests of Brazil, and water ecosystems in Canada.

In 2020, WSSI’s office headquarters was first recognized by Wildlife Habitat Council with Silver certification for our native wildlife habitat – signifying leadership among the over 600 WHC Conservation Certification programs; it was recertified in 2022. WSSI is a repeat award winner, having earned the 2021 Green Infrastructure Award as well.

We are proud to have this certification and award that recognize our corporate commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation, and we’ve developed a robust practice of helping others do the same. If you would like to pursue Wildlife Habitat Council certification or other ways to demonstrate your company’s efforts to support sustainable ecosystems and their surrounding communities, please contact Michael Smith or Emily Hilburn.


  • Mike Smith, ISA Certified Arborist MA-6370A, TRAQ

    ROW Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Manager - Energy

    Gainesville, VA

  • Emily Hilburn, WPIT, CE, CBLP, ISA Certified Arborist MA-6401A, TRAQ

    Environmental Scientist

    Gainesville, VA