MDSPGP-5 expiring

August 2021

The Maryland State Programmatic General Permit-5 (MDSPGP-5), used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to authorize [...]

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DC DOEE Rulemaking

November 2020

On October 7, 2020, the District of Columbia Department of Energy and the Environment adopted an emergency [...]

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A Backyard Adventure!: Aquatic Organisms

May 2020

Your backyard is a great classroom for learning about environmental science. Follow Troy, a WSSI scientist, while [...]

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Kids’ Trout Fishing Day: Restored Stream Offers Family Fun

April 2018

Why let a beautiful, restored stream go unexplored? See how WSSI & local organizations encourage adventure with [...]

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Flagging Preservation Areas

November 2016

State and federal laws require a permit for any impacts to wetlands and streams. There is a [...]

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