Reporting Only Permits Now Require Construction Monitoring

Per guidance issued today, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will require construction monitoring on all Reporting Only General Permits issued after August 2, 2017.  DEQ staff will not enforce the monitoring requirement for previously issued permits.

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WOTUS Rule: Rescinded, Rethought, Reissued?


The EPA and Corps of Engineers are pitching out the controversial 2015 WOTUS Rule, recodifying the rules previously in place.  Considered very controversial before the rule was finalized, the 2015 rule would have greatly expanded the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers in some parts of the country.  The recent announcement in the Federal Register proposes to rescind the 2015 rule and recodify the previous rules, which, due to the legal stay on the 2015 rule, were still in effect.  Since its introduction the 2015 rule had been stuck in limbo because of several lawsuits. 

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