Congratulations to WSSI own Alexi Weber, PWS, PWD, and Jamie Armentrout, PWS, PWD, on their new roles with the Virginia Association of Wetland Professionals (VAWP)!

Alexi currently serves as the Vice President of VAWP. As she wraps up her three-year term in the fall of 2023, she will take on her new role as President. Alexi looks forward to supporting the organization and connecting with wetland professionals throughout the Commonwealth.

Jamie has been newly elected as the Treasurer of VAWP. He will serve a minimum of two three-year terms. Jamie will continue to maintain and manage the organization’s finances, ensuring that VAWP continues to operate within spec.


  • Alexi Weber, PWS, PWD, CE

    Assistant Manager - Environmental Science

    Gainesville, Virginia

  • Jamie Armentrout, PWS, PWD

    Senior Associate Environmental Scientist

    Hampton Roads, Virginia