Sept. 26, 2019:
WSSI Senior Urban Forester Chris Cowles, MD RPF, will lead a Root Appreciation Day workshop on September 26. The event is sponsored by WSSI, presented by the Northern Virginia Urban Forestry Roundtable, and hosted by Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Tree root systems can be important considerations in site design and construction, especially when plans call for tree preservation. Learn more about roots, what they need, and how they are impacted by underground and above ground development activities.

Click here for the agenda and click here to register, because pre-registration is required!

May 23, 2019: WSSI hosted a one-day seminar in conjunction with the International Erosion Control Association at our headquarters office in Gainesville, Virginia. The day was focused on Environmental Regulatory Updates and LID and included

  • 2019 VPDES Permit regulatory updates from DEQ

  • a panel discussion with local VSMP Authorities from Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William Counties

  • an update on the Waters of the U.S. definition and regulatory status

  • a session focused on SWM regulations, SWPPPs, and the BMP Clearinghouse

  • a look at the BMP Clearinghouse in action at WSSI

  • on-site tour of WSSI’s LEED and LID BMPs

We will provide links to the presentations - check back soon!

News & Updates

WSSI archeologists at Robinson Landing

WSSI archeologists at Robinson Landing

  • Mike Klebasko, Manager - Maryland Environmental Science, has been honored with Maryland Building Industry Association’s Legislative Award two years in a row now: 2018 and 2019.

  • Frank Graziano, PE and Brian Chromey, PE have both been promoted to Vice President, and WSSI’s founder, Mike Rolband, PE, PWS, PWD, LEED AP, has been named Chairman and Chief Technical Officer.

  • Did you read about the Robinson Landing site? "One of the most archaeologically significant sites in Virginia..."
    WSSI's Thunderbird Archeology uncovered three more scuttled ships and ±100,000 artifacts, including coins from Ireland, England, France and Spain, along Alexandria's waterfront, just a block away from the ship we unearthed at the Hotel Indigo site.
    Click here to read the April 13, 2018 Washington Post article.

  • Mike Rolband, PE, PWS, PWD, LEED AP - WSSI's founder and President - has joined George Mason University's Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. Click here to read what GMU's School of Business has to say about Mike's contributions to natural and water resources regulatory arena.

  • Mark Headly, PWS, PWD, LEED AP (WSSI's Operations Manager) received an "outstanding" rating from his students at the Engineers & Surveyors Institute. Mark has taught a class focused on Waters of the U.S., Chesapeake Bay preservation areas, and permitting for nearly 20 years, over which the regulatory environment has changed significantly. 

WSSI archeologists found these small beads at the Lyndham Hill site in Fairfax County, Virginia.

WSSI archeologists found these small beads at the Lyndham Hill site in Fairfax County, Virginia.

  • Small wonders: Beads uncovered by WSSI archeologists at a slave dwelling are on display in The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's Objects of Wonder exhibit. These petite artifacts were recovered thanks to WSSI's use of best practices (in this case, waterscreening soils through smaller mesh) when standard techniques may not have detected such small items. 

Why let a beautiful, restored stream go unexplored? See how WSSI & local organizations encourage adventure with the annual Reston Kids' Trout Fishing Day! Reston's streams - once eyesores with eroding banks and toppling trees - have been restored and are now a community retreat for fun and good ole fashioned family bonding.