Volume 25, Number 10 July 6, 2017

Arlington County RPA Map Updates

Arlington County is in the process of updating their Resource Protection Area (RPA) maps.  The map is being updated in response to new information from the County’s Natural Resources Inventory in 2008 and from storm sewer mapping in 2014.  The draft map is available on the Arlington County website; click here for a pdf.

According to Arlington County staff, the Natural Resources Inventory and Storm Sewer mapping identified new segments of stream that were previously unmapped on the 2003 RPA map, and determined that some stream segments on the 2003 RPA map were actually other types of storm structures.  Wetland areas identified during the natural resources inventory have also been added to the updated map.  Staff notes that there are now approximately 1,500 properties that contain RPA.  Once the map is adopted, 256 properties will have RPA removed, while 243 will have RPA added.  A number of other properties will have modified RPA (i.e., the RPA from 2003 will still be present but will be larger or smaller).  Additional information on the update process can be found on the County’s website. The final map is expected to be adopted in January 2018.

Landowners need to be aware that the map still serves only as a guide and that a site-specific determination is required by the ordinance.

If you own property in Arlington and are affected by these changes or would like to have a site-specific determination of the RPA prepared for your property, please contact Ben Rosner or Mark Headly.

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  • Ben Rosner

    Gainesville, VA