Volume 25, Number 6 March 23, 2017

Free Concrete Paving Design Assistance Available

The Virginia Ready Mixed Concrete Association (VRMCA) is offering free detailed paving design recommendations, including CAD jointing plans, to designers and specifiers who are considering concrete in their projects.

The Design Assistance Program (DAP) gives designers an opportunity to offer free concrete designs to their clients. For each project, DAP will develop the best possible site-specific concrete pavement jointing plan, taking into consideration constructability and economy as well as aesthetics and long-term performance. DAP typically provides designs within 5 to 7 business days; larger or complex designs and those needing detailed hydrological designs and calculations may take up to 10 business days. DAP services are available for: 

Pervious concrete at WSSI’s Gold LEED-certified headquarters

  • conventional concrete,
  • pervious concrete,
  • roller-compacted concrete, and
  • concrete overlay designs for parking lots, roads and streets.

For more information or to submit a project request, contact VMRCA’s Hessam Nabavi by email or at (703) 966-6743.

For each design project VMRCA will require the submitting organization to provide outcome feedback, including if the DAP service led to concrete paving construction and if the design suggestions were helpful in designing the final paving project. Note that while the designs provided will comply with industry standards, the final design is the responsibility of the project’s engineer on record.

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