Vol. 26, No. 8  ●  November 8, 2018

Did we see you at our CU-Soil® Seminar?
View the webinar online!

We incorporated CU-Soil ®  and trees into the new back patio at WSSI’s main office.

We incorporated CU-Soil® and trees into the new back patio at WSSI’s main office.

Last week we welcomed industry experts to our Gainesville, Virginia headquarters office to share the new and innovative ways that structural soil can be used to manage stormwater and combat some of the challenges in urban development that affect trees and vegetative landscape.  Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. staff were joined by experts from The Davey Institute, Luck Ecosystems, Virginia Tech, Rutgers University, and Davey Resource Group as we examined the success of CU-Soil® across a variety of case studies and discussed the availability of field data related to the use of structural soil.  We also took a look at our newly installed CU-Soil® patio, and the process and materials that we used to construct it.   

The CU-Soil® Seminar and materials are available online; visit our Seminar webpage or click the links below:

Watch the CU-Soil® Seminar

Watch our CU-Soil® patio construction time-lapse video

Review the Technical Presentations (click links for the speakers’ slides)

If you have questions about CU-Soil® or would like to explore how you can implement structural soil on your project sites, please contact Chris Fields-Johnson of the Davey Institute, or Dillon Conner of Wetland Studies and Solutions.  Stop by our Gainesville headquarters to see our CU-Soil® patio in action!

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