Healthy roots and paved surfaces can co-exist! WSSI and The Davey Institute brought together a team of experts to discuss CU-Structural Soil® and the benefits to the urban environment.

Topics included:

  • The problem of limited soil volume for tree growth and stormwater management in the urban environment
  • CU-Soil® as a potential solution to the problem of supporting hardscapes while providing soil volume for tree root growth and groundwater storage
  • The design and installation process of a CU-Soil® project
  • Benefits and drawbacks of various systems to increase soil volume in the urban environment (based on the latest scientific research)

Speakers and Presentations

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Potential of CU-Soil® as a New Stormwater BMP

Luck Ecosystems & The Davey Institute:

  • Kateri S. Shreve, PE, LEED AP, VCCO – Product Manager
  • Chris Fields-Johnson, Ph.D., ISA Certified Arborist – Technical Advisor

Implementing the CU-Structural Soil® Patio at WSSI

Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.:

  • Dillon Conner, PLA, ISA Certified Arborist – Senior Landscape Architect

Designed soils under pavement: what data is in and available?

Rutgers University, Department of Ecology Evolution and Natural Resources:

  • Jason Grabosky, Ph.D. – Professor

Case study: A parking lot with traditional asphalt, porous asphalt, trees, and CU-Soil®
after 13 years of limited maintenance

Davey Resource Group:

  • Andrew Hillman, ISA Certified Arborist, LTE – Northeast Regional Business Developer

Combining Stormwater Retention with Trees: Experiences with Structural Soils

Virginia Tech, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation:

  • Susan D. Day, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Urban Forestry

Recorded Webinar

Time-lapse Video


  • Chris Fields-Johnson

    Gainesville, VA

  • Dillon Conner

    Gainesville, VA